What is special about us?

 What is special about us?


GBS actively promotes study abroad programs. Our students have opportunities studying abroad in well-known universities around the world.  We also accept students from the United States, Japan, EU, South Korea, France, and other countries. The diversified student body allows students to broaden their horizons and exposes them to different cultures and customs. In addition, international students usually promote peer interactions and creative thinking through education designed courses to foster talents.


Wide range of courses

The GBS Department’s curriculum truly is multi-faceted; it includes analytic basis (e.g., economics and statistics), environmental context (e.g., industry analysis, emerging markets), and real world applications (e.g., strategic management and international business). Equipped with the analytic skills and the familiarity of industry environment, students will learn how to make management policies, formulate strategic planning, and solve various issues corporate management face in the global economy.



The GBS Department’s full-time professors hold doctorate degrees and are well-versed researchers and educators with a diversity of career experiences. The adjunct professors here are international scholars, government officials, and researchers from Taiwan’s think tanks. The skillsets and knowledge of full-time and part-time faculty complement one another, which enables students to be able to learn a vast amount about many different fields.


Industry-Academia Collaboration

In addition to actively collaborating with both industries and educational institutions, professors of the GBS Department are also involved in creating policies for the nation’s technology industries. The department also incorporates industrial resources and research results into teaching. The students of the GBS Department enjoy a program that mixes theory and practice as they write business plans, participate in internships, visit corporations, and carry out business projects


Scholarship and Grant Opportunities


The GBS Department is involved in many smaller projects part of National Taiwan Normal University’s overall transformation plan. By participating in these projects and/or assisting full-time professors with their Ministry of Science and Technology-recognized research plans, students can earn scholarships and grants. Participating in these plans and projects is also a great way to acquire knowledge business professionals need as well as cultivate professional skills. Every semester the GBS Department provides scholarship opportunities for graduate students and also informs students of scholarships they can apply for.



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