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Poster:Post date:2017-07-18
  2017/2018 Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy Admission

ü  Enrollment Semesters: For Fall / Spring Semester

ü  Campus: Main Campus

ü  Required Documents:

1.        Students from English-speaking countries are exempted from having to provide proof of their English language abilities.

2.        Recommendation letter

3.        Study plan in Chinese or English

4.        Any documents that might be supportive

ü  Notes:

1.        Before graduation, students are required to reach a minimum TOEIC score of 700.

2.        International students who have written a master thesis in Chinese and passed the thesis defense in Chinese can be exempt from the Level 3 TOCFL requirement held by the Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency-Mandarin.

3.        For international students from English/Chinese bilingual countries are required to obtain a minimum TOEIC score of 700 or pass Level 3 on TOCFL before graduation.

ü  Examination Date and Location

1.        The Detail of Fall Semester oral test will be announced on the website on April 20, 2018.

2.        The Detail of Spring Semester oral test will be announced on the website on November 16, 2018.

ü  Remarks:

1.        The admitted students, if not having enrolled on the specified dates, can apply to retain their admission status and postpone their studies to the next academic year.

2.        Admitted students shall take the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (Level 3: Intermediate-high on the listening exam, Level 3: Intermediate-high on the reading comprehension exam), which is held by Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency-Huayu before registration. Those who do not reach the proficiency level shall take Chinese language courses as required.

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