International Students Admission
Document review, Telephone interview, Video-conferencing
For Fall / Spring Semester
  • Enrollment Semesters For Fall / Spring Semester
    Campus Main Campus
    Language of Instruction
    1. Program taught in Chinese
    Admission Evaluation
    1. Document Review
    2. Interview: In-person / Video-conferencing interview will be arranged
    3. Weighted Score: Document Review: 50% Interview: 50
    Required Qualification
    1. Priority Enrollment Order for Examinees with the Same Score:
    2. First Priority: Interview.
    3. Second Priority: Document Review.
    Language Proficiency
    1. Chinese Language Proficiency: Not Required
    2. English Language Proficiency (Provide one of the following English score reports): Students from English-speaking countries are exempt from having to provide proof of their English language abilities
    3. Not required for applicants from English-speaking countries (proof required).
    Application Documents
    1. Signed application form.
    2. Two-inch passport photo.
    3. Passport/Identification and R.O.C. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for those holding one
    4. An official financial statement
    5. Diploma of the highest academic degree
    6. One translated copy of the applicant’s highest diploma in English or Chinese
    7. One translated copy of the applicant’s complete transcripts (for ALL years of study) in English or Chinese
    Departmental Requirements
    1. Language proficiency certificate: Please refer to the "Language proficiency".
    2. One recommendation letter(s).
    3. Autobiography
    4. Curriculum vitae
    5. Study plan
    6. Any document that might be supportive
    1. Before graduation, students are required to reach a minimum TOEIC score of 700.
    2. International students who have written a master’s thesis in Chinese and have passed the thesis defense in Chinese can be exempt from the TOCFL Level 3 requirement.
    3. For international students from English/Chinese bilingual countries are required to obtain a minimum TOEIC score of 700 or to pass TOCFL Level 3 before graduation.
    Examination Date and Location
    • Interview of the 2023 Fall Semester will be held on at (Main Campus I) .Detailed timeline will be announced on the department website on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. No other notifications will be sent.
    • Interview of the 2024 Spring Semester will be held on at (Main Campus I) .Detailed timeline will be announced on the department website on Thursday, August 10, 2023. No other notifications will be sent
    Contact Info. Ms. Chen / 886-2-7749-3289 /
    Application Website
    • Admitted students are allowed to defer admission until the next academic year.